Our Services

We provide automation, IoT, AI, and industrial machinery services as integrated technological solutions to optimize business processes and enhance operational efficiency. By integrating these services, companies can achieve increased productivity, cost savings, and higher competitiveness in the market.

Machine Fabrication

Magsenta specializes in the design and fabrication of custom machines with high precision. We take pride in providing perfect solutions to meet your unique operational needs. Whether you are in the technology sector, testing laboratories, or industrial sectors utilizing PLC and SCADA systems, we are ready to assist you. Our experienced team of experts excels in designing and manufacturing custom machines that meet high-quality standards. With advanced technology and an innovative approach, we will deliver efficient and reliable solutions to meet your business needs. So, feel free to contact us and discover the best solution for your custom machines.

IOT Implementation

Magsenta provides the best solutions to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to your business. By integrating IoT, you can monitor and control devices in real-time from a distance. Additionally, you can collect and analyze data to gain profound insights into your business. With intelligent process automation, you can enhance operational efficiency and save costs. Magsenta enables you to face the connected future with smart and interconnected solutions. So, if you want to optimize your business, with Magsenta's IoT integration, you can transform and prepare your business for future challenges.

AI Solutions

Magsenta specializes in providing cutting-edge AI Solutions that leverage advanced computer vision models and analyze time series data. Our customized approach allows us to extract actionable insights, facilitating informed decision-making for businesses seeking optimized operational outcomes. By seamlessly integrating sophisticated computer vision techniques and robust time series data analysis, Magsenta's AI Solutions empower organizations to stay ahead in a dynamic and data-driven landscape.